Tips For Sellers


Here are our tips for helping to sell your property...

Top Tip - turn on fans and air conditioning systems… stepping into a nice cool property is welcoming and refreshing for potential buyers.   

  • Road side appeal. First impressions count. Make sure the front of your property looks clean and presentable. Clear overgrown plants or weeds sweep the front yard make the entrance to your property look as welcoming as possible. 
  • Keep things clean & bright. Give your property a quick once-over before every viewing, ensure that windows are clean inside and out – it’s surprising how much difference this can make to the light and the overall appeal of a property.
  • Cut down on the clutter. Prospective buyers like to imagine their own furniture or belongings in a property, so de-clutter to keep things tidy. Less clutter will also help make rooms appear larger.
  • Freshly decorated. A fresh coat of paint will work wonders on increasing the desirability of your property. Loose flaky paint or badly scuffed or discoloured walls and surfaces is an instant turn off for any potential buyer.
  • If something is broken fix it. From a broken fence to a leaking tap, make sure any minor repairs are taken care of. Basic maintenance work will help to ensure buyers don’t find any faults.
  • Freshen up the place. Get rid of smoke or pet odours. Open the windows, brew some fresh coffee and brighten the place up with fresh flowers.
  • Lighten up smaller areas. For small rooms or properties, increase the sense of space with mirrors and lights and leave all internal doors open.
  • Off putting pets hairs or smells. Always clean and tidy up after your pets, if possible take them out of the property during viewing times.

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